What is Dehydration :

Dehydration (hypo hydration) is the removal of water (hydro in ancient Greek) from an object. In Physiologic terms, it entails a relative deficiency of water molecules in relation to other dissolved solutes. Dehydration, thus, is slightly different from hypovolemia, which defines water deficiency only in terms of overall volume rather than in terms of solute concentrations.

The entire Dehydration Process at "Rajdhani Dehydration" can be classified in 7 different levels.

Level 1

Our managing partner Mr. Manojbhai keeps keen eye on our farm where experienced farmers use organic (environment friendly) farming to deliver the natural aroma and taste of onions, we have a qualified team of purchase executives with years of experience who visit the farms for the best quality onions.

Level 2

Each lot of the onions is graded by size, maturity, quality and color.

Level 3

The onions are peeled and repeatedly washed in water to sanitize them for further process.

Level 4

The sanitized onions are then sent for process of dehydration. The automatic belt dryers in the plant impart the exact degree of dehydration without affecting the taste and aroma.

Level 5

The dehydrated onions are sorted in a clean air conditioned room keeping extreme germ-free conditions, then the sorted items are passed through a vibro – cleaner AUTO SORTER and Metal Detector to free them from any unwanted metal impurities.

Level 6

The completely processed product goes through final stage of checking to ensure complete standardization of quality, sanitation, flavor and color.

Level 7

The finished product are weighed and sealed in moisture proof food grade poly bags. The bags are packed in corrugated boxes or paper bags. The product is now ready for export.



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